Top 5 Most Popular Online Shooting Games in 2023

First-person shooter games come in many varieties, from classic titles like Call of Duty to contemporary masterpieces like Titanfall. No matter your taste in games, here is our pick of the best online shooters that will be available in 2023 for your enjoyment and challenge.

Aliens in the Wild

Are you searching for an exciting, futuristic first-person shooter? Aliens in the Wild is your ideal title. In this title, players take control of an alien species captured by Earth’s military and placed on planet Earth. To escape, players must master various weapons and abilities while exploring this stunning planet.

Hyenas: Mars – Aliens on the Frontier

Fans of Ready Player One will adore this multiplayer-only first-person shooter that puts players in the shoes of a highly intelligent Martian creature called a hyena. Featuring vibrant visuals and an old school retro aesthetic, this title appeals to pop culture buffs everywhere.

DOOM and Quake are iconic franchises of the first-person shooter genre, and their legacy lives on today. While DOOM was originally reimagined with modern graphics, DOOM Eternal brings it back to its roots with an engaging story that won’t let you forget its roots.

It’s a bloody and brutal return of the demon-slaying franchise that showcases new gameplay elements while still maintaining its signature intensity. Whether playing alone or with friends, you can customize futuristic exosuits to take down various enemies in fast-paced melee battles.

SUPERHOT and SUPERHOT VR: Redefining First Person Violence

There is a time and place for first-person shooters that focus on precision aiming and reflexive movement, but the future of this genre lies in full-throttle tactical combat. SUPERHOT have proven it possible with their thrilling reinvention of the genre.

From a first-person shooter that only moves when you move, to an immersive VR game that redefines virtual reality, here are some of the best FPSs available on PC in 2023.

Redfall: A Supernatural First-Person Shooter

Fans of supernatural first-person shooters will be eagerly awaiting Redfall in 2023. Set in a dystopian version of Massachusetts where vampires have taken control and cut off its citizens from sunlight, you must use your creativity to survive in this immersive sim.

Warface Global Operation: The Ultimate Battleground for the 21st Century

If you enjoy competitive multiplayer, Warface Global Operation is for you. This FPS title boasts an innovative matchmaking system that lets players choose from over a dozen Rogues with various traits to help them conquer multiple missions and come out on top in the end.