Become a high level escort

Becoming an escort is about as easy as cooking and eating an egg. Becoming a high-level escort is another thing entirely, though it is not as some suppose harder than dancing the foxtrot on hot coals!

High-level Alvechurch British escorts are those meant for the total gentlemen of impeccable taste and style who know what they want and have money to spend. These escorts are more than a pretty face and stunning figure and are expected to provide the realest companionship, deepest possible mental stimuli, physical and emotional intimacy and more to their clientele. Such escorts are required to form the deepest and realest connection with their clientele, rather than doing their job and moving on like it is nothing. High-level escorts are the most exclusive escorts of all and are not shared around like candy at a birthday party.

Not all can be a high-level escort. To qualify prospective escorts must have the following attributes:

A Certain Kind Of Look: to be a high-level escort, one must be beautiful in a classical way. The complexion must be perfect and unblemished, with no tattoos to be seen. Hair must not be an unnatural colour and the hairstyle needs to be proper, rather than outrageous. Those who are not classical beauties can undergo cosmetic surgery procedures to rectify this. Such surgery must, however, be done by the best experts and must not be too obvious.

A Certain Kind Of Physique: becoming a high-level escort is impossible if one is not in the best possible shape. Any shape or height will do, but everything must be perfectly toned and proportioned. Even more important, the body must be superbly toned, just like those of a top-level gymnast or other similar athlete. Apart from having the most perfect physique possible, a potential high-level escort needs to be on a regular workout schedule and be eating right. Having an eating disorder or being careless about your body is a big no-no. While surgery can correct any identified lapses in body physique, care must be taken to ensure that everything is in perfect proportion, rather than out of balance.

Education And Knowledge: high-level escorts are expected to be highly educated. Having an advanced degree is not compulsory, but they must be able to at least to clearly and knowledgeably express themselves on most matters. They are also required to have more than a passing knowledge of the arts and be able to talk on this at length on any viable occasion.

Honesty and Reliability: being reliable is the hallmark of a top-level escort. She never makes promises she has no intention of fulfilling, nor does she turn up late to appointments and behave like an entitled prima donna. She is instead honest, reliable, confident and humble, and will always do what she says she will when she says she will.

Talent And Style: to be a high-level escort, it is important to have a talent of some sort. This can be singing, dancing, painting, cooking of deep knowledge of the most obscure topics. Such talent serves to entertain the clientele and make them feel paternally proud and able to remember the escort with all possible fondness. Without a talent of some sort, an escort is nothing more than a single-use item and that is sad. Apart from a heavy dose of talent in any field, a high-level escort should aspire to have a lot of style and class. She should be deeply elegant and classy and be gentle rather than outlandish. She should be able to draw attention to herself, but never in a showy way and always maintains decorum in all things.

If you have the above attributes or can see yourself acquiring them sometime soon, then congrats, you just might be a high-level escort in the making! Seek out an escort agency for an escort job and have them sign you up and unleash your charms to the world!